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    The ISM receives many enquiries from newcomers to Spiritualism wanting basic information about Psychics, Mediums, Churches and Spiritualism itself. It is obvious that 150 years after the dramatic events in America, Europe and Australia which mark the promotion of modern Spiritualism, the public are singularly unaware - or ignorant - of Spiritualism's wonderful message and the evidence it offers of human intelligence manifesting after physical death.

    It is time to try to redress this lack. The "Education Pages" will offer some answers to some of those basic enquiries, with some simple explanations.

Back To Basics. 

For those of you who are sitting for self development either on your own or in a circle. You need first to ask yourself if you have any preconceived ideas about what gifts you would like to develop ?

This will have a tendency to affect your progress. It is much better to sit with an open mind, and allow Spirit to work with you as they feel you are best suited.

One of the best methods is to sit in meditation, that means to sit in the silence or play meditation music, and allow Spirit to draw close and influence your mind.

Sitting regularly at least once a week or possibly once a fortnight at the same time. for about 15 minutes you build up a relationship with Spirit.

After each sitting it is important to remember to write down how you felt, what you thought, what you heard, what you saw.

Over a period of time you will start to develop a clearer understanding of how Spirit would best like you to work.

You will find that over a period of time you will become more sensitive and therefore must learn to be master of your self, mentally, morally and also physically.

Be aware that your own spiritual purpose will begin to attract those workers from the other side, whose spiritual aims are similar to your own. Like attract like.

Providing your intentions are spiritually aspiring, then so will be your Spirit workers and helpers.

Reflection on your own progress is essential for you to move forward with real intent.


Betty Stewart ISM/RAM