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    The ISM receives many enquiries from newcomers to Spiritualism wanting basic information about Psychics, Mediums, Churches and Spiritualism itself. It is obvious that 150 years after the dramatic events in America, Europe and Australia which mark the promotion of modern Spiritualism, the public are singularly unaware - or ignorant - of Spiritualism's wonderful message and the evidence it offers of human intelligence manifesting after physical death.

    It is time to try to redress this lack. The "Education Pages" will offer some answers to some of those basic enquiries, with some simple explanations.

So you want to be a Medium ?

One of the questions we have found that is frequently asked is, can anyone become a Psychic or a Medium ? Most people have the psychic ability and can be helped to understand it. and what is happening to them.

People can be taught exercises which will strengthen that ability, some of these people might also have mediumistic ability, which with a willingness to be used by spirit as an instrument, can bring comfort to loved one's on the earth plane.

Mediumistic potential can be worked at with the guidance and direction that is available, through many home circles and church circles, with good teaching mediums.

Workshops can also become a valuable source of advice and teaching. however, I would like to stress that no one can make a medium. All a teacher can do is to bring out your potential, by making you work at it , in different ways.

So that you and spirit can discover which methods work best for you both. Helping you to make your contact with spirit stronger, so that any doubts will be dispersed.

Of course there are those that are born with mediumistic ability. They are what we call natural mediums, but despite being born with the ability they will still need guidance and direction from an experienced medium / teacher to help with presentation and protocol.

The ISM was founded on the principle of spirit guidance and direction for all developing mediums, in order to increase the standard of mediumship which is presented to the general public and despite any recent changes that have occurred that principle continues today.

Betty Stewart ISM/RAM