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    The ISM receives many enquiries from newcomers to Spiritualism wanting basic information about Psychics, Mediums, Churches and Spiritualism itself. It is obvious that 150 years after the dramatic events in America, Europe and Australia which mark the promotion of modern Spiritualism, the public are singularly unaware - or ignorant - of Spiritualism's wonderful message and the evidence it offers of human intelligence manifesting after physical death.

    It is time to try to redress this lack. The "Education Pages" will offer some answers to some of those basic enquiries, with some simple explanations.

Developing Your Awareness.

Remember that you will have to sit for some time before you will attain the ability to attune yourself to a level that allows you to become aware of the presence of Spirit.

You must first learn to still the mind let go of all material thoughts, this state of mind takes time to develop, you also become more sensitive and there will be times when you think you have been touched some times its a cobwebby feeling or a gentle tingle up your spine or around your neck or in your hair. Recall these things and talk to your circle leader, they will confirm what is happening.

Give off any and all impressions that you may receive however small or even silly these may seem. Try to read books on the various subjects of spiritual development and philosophy. Remember that developing attunement with Spirit is very exciting, so enjoy your circle. I wish everyone of you the success you’re willing to work for.

If you are unable to sit in a circle the same exercises can also be done when sitting by yourself, quietly in a suitable area where you will not be disturbed .

Always remember to open the proceedings with a simple prayer asking for Spirit guidance and protection.

Be seated comfortably with a small table in front of you if possible where you can place a book or poem.

Ask Spirit for their cooperation with the task ahead and then choose either a word, sentence, or paragraph from your book or poem at random, you can also use an extract from a spoken book.

If possible have a tape recorder running so that you may listen, afterwards to what was said.

This way you will soon be able to notice if there are any changes in your understanding of the word, sentence or paragraph.

You may also find that during these times you may be absently thinking in your mind, about a subject that you know nothing about, write this down.

By looking further into these incidents you will probably find that Spirit are already one step ahead of you.

Betty Stewart ISM/RAM