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    The ISM receives many enquiries from newcomers to Spiritualism wanting basic information about Psychics, Mediums, Churches and Spiritualism itself. It is obvious that 150 years after the dramatic events in America, Europe and Australia which mark the promotion of modern Spiritualism, the public are singularly unaware - or ignorant - of Spiritualism's wonderful message and the evidence it offers of human intelligence manifesting after physical death.

    It is time to try to redress this lack. The "Education Pages" will offer some answers to some of those basic enquiries, with some simple explanations.

Care When Choosing A Circle.

First and foremost think about why you wish to sit in a circle? could it be that someone has already put the idea to you, are things happening to you or in your home. Have you been having dreams that turn out to be true, do these dreams involve you or other people?

Maybe you have just heard about a circle, or even been offered a place in one. First you will need to find out if that particular circle is an open circle or a closed one.

Open Circle:

means that each time you sit it may not be with the same people, so they could be anyone from all walks of life.

Closed Circle:


Is exactly that, only those chosen will sit each time together.

A circle should always sit at the same time and day as this is an appointment with Spirit and your guides.

The only time you should not sit is if you are unwell and confined to your bed or are contagious other wise there is no excuse.

Circles are for developing mediumship in its many forms, of course the type of circle required for your particular development will always depend on your own understanding and ability.

Remember that you need to feel comfortable with the people that you sit with.

Have complete trust and honesty with each other and your circle leader.

Be able to ask questions and trust that you will be given the right answers.

Remember that you will have to sit for some time before you will attain the ability to attune yourself to a level that allows you to become aware of the presence of Spirit.

You must first learn to still the mind let go of all material thoughts, this state of mind takes time to develop, you also become more sensitive and there will be times when you think you have been touched some times its a cobwebby feeling or a gentle tingle up your spine or around your neck or in your hair. Recall these things and talk to your circle leader, they will confirm what is happening.

Give off any and all impressions that you may receive however small or even silly these may seem. Try to read books on the various subjects of spiritual development and philosophy. Remember that developing attunement with Spirit is very exciting, so enjoy your circle. I wish everyone of you the success you’re willing to work for.

Betty Stewart ISM/RAM