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Chronological History of Outstanding events in Modern Spiritualism    1848 - 1998

 Author: Eileen Robertsİ 

This booklet is published by the ISM.  It lists, as you would expect, a fascinating chronological history, of outstanding events in Modern spiritualism. Starting with the year 1848 and the truly historic Hydesville rappings through to the 150th Celebrations of Modern Spiritualism held at Stansted Hall, Essex, England, on 31st March 1998.


 Misconceptions in Mediumship

 Author: Eileen Robertsİ 

This booklet  is published by the ISM. An expertly written book ideal for beginner and working medium alike. Many of the misconceptions that many people have  with regard to mediumship are firmly and logically explained by a leading medium with over 50 years experience as a working medium and tutor,  Eileen Roberts President Emeritus ISM/RAM.  



 Author: Eileen Robertsİ ISM/RAM.

A collection of the teach-ins from the I.S.M. website, now published by popular request


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