Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you put me in touch with a reputable medium in my area?

It depends on where you are located. We are based in the U.K. and have only limited contacts overseas, however if you are based in the USA contact our friends at The First Spiritual Temple. We may be able to assist you if you live in the UK, but even then we are somewhat limited in the areas our Registered Approved Mediums cover. There is an organisation called the Spiritualists National Union  who do publish a list * of  mediums on their web-site, and you may find this of use to you. If however you feel the I.S.M. may be able to help, contact with your query, and we'll do our best to help.

2) I'd like to attend an ISM meeting, but there are no Branches in my area, what can I do?

If you would like to have a Branch in your area, (as long as it's in the U.K.) you will need to gather together at least ten people willing to become members of the ISM, and also become Branch committee members, it may then be possible to form a new Branch in your area. For further details e-mail

3) I'm interested in gaining accreditation for my mediumship do you offer any form of accreditation?

Yes is the simple answer, but accreditation is dependent on ability. For Fledglings we invite them to demonstrate before a sympathetic London audience at the London Spiritual Mission. A selected panel observes them and offers constructive feedback on how to progress further. On successfully achieving a suitable standard they are presented with a probationers certificate. Working mediums can apply to become a Registered Approved Medium (R.A.M.). However be warned our standards are very high, and accreditation is given to those who can not only demonstrate to a high level, but must also have a good knowledge of Spiritualism, amongst other attributes!

4) I'm fairly new to Spiritualism can you recommend any literature that I might read?

Of course! Visit our Publications page for details of our own publications, and details of other suitable publications.

5) What is a Psychic?

Any individual who is sufficiently sensitive to react to psychic influences around them, from the energy of places and people, and who pays attention to their normal intuitive awareness. Some people do this more than others, as their intuitive ability is more marked. By constantly registering such reactions, the sensitive learns to discern their reactions to a more refined extent. The brain learns to 'interpret' the incoming signals of information on waves of energy and impress the psychic normal consciousness. The psychic is not necessarily a medium, though every medium is naturally psychic.

6) So, what then is a Medium?

A far more highly sensitised individual, whose heightened sense of awareness can be used to form links between the dead and the living, i.e. between the Spirits of the departed who are anxious to communicate with friends and loved ones still in the physical world on earth.

7) What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

The Psychics, whether conscious of it or not, receive or draw their information from the living vibrations of energy around them at earthly levels. The Mediums, unconsciously at first and later deliberately, adjust their level of consciousness, paying acute attention mentally to higher, faster vibrations of energy. By doing so, they receive information outside the customary normal communication levels used by mankind. It is rather like tuning from MW to VHF on a radio tuner. The Medium changes mental consciousness frequency so that, when attuned, communication received from the Spirit world can be passed on verbally. The medium then becomes a receiving and transmitting station, with no license fees to pay! BUT- as with a T.V. set, the instrument (the medium) has to learn how to control the frequency in use, in order to maintain control of any possible atmospheric interference of any kind.

* The ISM offers this information as a service to you, but cannot confirm or recommend the suitability of any medium other than those who have been accredited as a Registered Approved Medium by the I.S.M.  itself.